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Version: 7.x

pnpm deploy

Added in: v7.4.0

Deploy a package from a workspace.


pnpm --filter=<deployed project name> deploy <target directory>

In case you build your project before deployment, also use the --prod option to skip devDependencies installation.

pnpm --filter=<deployed project name> --prod deploy <target directory>

Usage in a docker image. After building everything in your monorepo, do this in a second image that uses your monorepo base image as a build context or in an additional build stage:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1.4

FROM workspace as pruned
RUN pnpm --filter <your package name> --prod deploy pruned

FROM node:18-alpine

ENV NODE_ENV=production

COPY --from=pruned /app/pruned .

ENTRYPOINT ["node", "index.js"]


--dev, -D

Only devDependencies are installed regardless of the NODE_ENV.


optionalDependencies are not installed.

--prod, -P

Packages in devDependencies won't be installed.

--filter <package_selector>

Read more about filtering.

Files included in the deployed project

By default, all the files of the project are copied during deployment. The project's package.json may contain a "files" field to list the files and directories that should be copied.