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· 3 min read

It is the end of the year. A really hard year. As you may know, I live in Ukraine, so due to Russia's war against us, it was harder to lead this project than in previous years. Nevertheless, it was a good year for pnpm. We've got a lot of new users, contributors, and we have implemented many great features.

(the above illustration was generated by Midjourney. The tiger symolizes the year of the tiger)

· 3 min read

It is the end of the year and it was a good year for pnpm, so let's see how it went.

· 2 min read

There are many ways to create a node_modules directory. Your goal must be to create the most strict one but if that is not possible, there are options to make a loose node_modules as well.

· 3 min read

New users of pnpm frequently ask me about the weird structure of node_modules that pnpm creates. Why is it not flat? Where are all the sub-dependencies?