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Версия: 8.x

pnpm store

Управление хранилищем пакетов.



Проверяет наличие измененных пакетов в хранилище.

Возвращает код выхода 0, если содержимое пакета осталось таким же, каким оно было во время распаковки.


Функциональный эквивалент к pnpm add, за исключением того, что эта команда добавляет новые пакеты напрямую в хранилище, не изменяя никаких проектов или файлов вне хранилища.


Removes unreferenced packages from the store.

Unreferenced packages are packages that are not used by any projects on the system. Packages can become unreferenced after most installation operations, for instance when dependencies are made redundant.

For example, during pnpm install, package foo@1.0.0 is updated to foo@1.0.1. pnpm will keep foo@1.0.0 in the store, as it does not automatically remove packages. If package foo@1.0.0 is not used by any other project on the system, it becomes unreferenced. Running pnpm store prune would remove foo@1.0.0 from the store.

Running pnpm store prune is not harmful and has no side effects on your projects. If future installations require removed packages, pnpm will download them again.

It is best practice to run pnpm store prune occasionally to clean up the store, but not too frequently. Sometimes, unreferenced packages become required again. This could occur when switching branches and installing older dependencies, in which case pnpm would need to re-download all removed packages, briefly slowing down the installation process.

Please note that this command is prohibited when a store server is running.


Возвращает путь к активному каталогу хранилища.