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pnpm deploy

Deploy a package from a workspace. During deployment, the files of the deployed package are copied to the target directory. All dependencies of the deployed package, including dependencies from the workspace, are installed inside an isolated node_modules directory at the target directory. The target directory will contain a portable package that can be copied to a server and executed without additional steps.


pnpm --filter=<deployed project name> deploy <target directory>

In case you build your project before deployment, also use the --prod option to skip devDependencies installation.

pnpm --filter=<deployed project name> --prod deploy <target directory>

Usage in a docker image. After building everything in your monorepo, do this in a second image that uses your monorepo base image as a build context or in an additional build stage:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1.4

FROM workspace as pruned
RUN pnpm --filter <your package name> --prod deploy pruned

FROM node:18-alpine

ENV NODE_ENV=production

COPY --from=pruned /app/pruned .

ENTRYPOINT ["node", "index.js"]


--dev, -D

NODE_ENV değeri ne olursa olsun, sadece devDependencies kısmındaki kütüphaneleri yükler.


optionalDependencies kısmındaki kütüphaneleri göz ardı ederek yükleme yapar.

--prod, -P

Packages in devDependencies won't be installed.

--filter <paket_seçici>

Buradan daha fazla bilgiye ulaşabilirsin.

Files included in the deployed project

By default, all the files of the project are copied during deployment. The project's package.json may contain a "files" field to list the files and directories that should be copied.