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pnpm why

Menampilkan semua paket yang bergantung pada paket tertentu.


If the Dependencies Tree has more than 10 results (end leaves), the output will be truncated to 10 end leaves.

This makes the output more readable and avoids memory issues.


--recursive, -r

Show the dependency tree for the specified package on every package in subdirectories or on every workspace package when executed inside a workspace.


Show information in JSON format.


Show verbose output.


Show parseable output instead of tree view.

--global, -g

Buat daftar paket di direktori instal global alih-alih di proyek saat ini.

--prod, -P

Only display the dependency tree for packages in dependencies.

--dev, -D

Only display the dependency tree for packages in devDependencies.

--depth <number>

Display only dependencies within a specific depth.


Display only dependencies that are also projects within the workspace.

--filter <package_selector>

Baca lebih lanjut tentang filtering.