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Алиасы позволяют устанавливать пакеты с произвольными именами.

Let's assume you use lodash all over your project. There is a bug in lodash that breaks your project. You have a fix but lodash won't merge it. Normally you would either install lodash from your fork directly (as a git-hosted dependency) or publish it with a different name. If you use the second solution you have to replace all the requires in your project with the new dependency name (require('lodash') => require('awesome-lodash')). С псевдонимами у вас есть третий вариант.

Publish a new package called awesome-lodash and install it using lodash as its alias:

pnpm add lodash@npm:awesome-lodash

Никаких изменений в коде не требуется. All the requires of lodash will now resolve to awesome-lodash.

Иногда вам может понадобиться использовать две разные версии пакета в вашем проекте. Легко:

pnpm add lodash1@npm:lodash@1
pnpm add lodash2@npm:lodash@2

Now you can require the first version of lodash via require('lodash1') and the second via require('lodash2').

Это становится еще более мощным в сочетании с хуками. Maybe you want to replace lodash with awesome-lodash in all the packages in node_modules. You can easily achieve that with the following .pnpmfile.cjs:

function readPackage(pkg) {
if (pkg.dependencies && pkg.dependencies.lodash) {
pkg.dependencies.lodash = 'npm:awesome-lodash@^1.0.0'
return pkg

module.exports = {
hooks: {