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Видалення глобально встановлених пакетів

Before removing the pnpm CLI, it might make sense to remove all global packages that were installed by pnpm.

To list all the global packages, run pnpm ls -g. There are two ways to remove the global packages:

  1. Run pnpm rm -g <pkg>... with each global package listed.
  2. Run pnpm root -g to find the location of the global directory and remove it manually.

Видалення pnpm CLI

If you used the standalone script to install pnpm, then you should be able to uninstall the pnpm CLI by removing the pnpm home directory:

rm -rf $PNPM_HOME

You might also want to clean the PNPM_HOME env variable in your shell configuration file ($HOME/.bashrc, $HOME/.zshrc or $HOME/.config/fish/config.fish).

If you used npm to install pnpm, then you should use npm to uninstall pnpm:

npm rm -g pnpm

Removing the global content-addressable store

rm -rf $(pnpm store path)

If you used pnpm in non-primary disks, then you must run the above command in every disk, where pnpm was used. pnpm creates one store per disk.