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Uninstalling pnpm

Removing the globally installed packages#

Before removing the pnpm CLI, it might make sense to remove all globall packages that were installed by pnpm.

To list all the global packages, run pnpm ls -g. There are two ways to remove the global packages:

  1. Run pnpm rm -g <pkg>... with each global package listed.
  2. Run pnpm root -g to find the location of the global directory and remove it manually.

Removing the pnpm CLI#

If you used the standalone script to install pnpm (or npx), then you should be able to uninstall the pnpm CLI using:

pnpm rm -g pnpm

If you used npm to install pnpm, then you should use npm to uninstall pnpm:

npm rm -g pnpm

Removing the global content-addressable store#

If you used pnpm only in the primary disk, then you will have a global store in the home directory. So just remove it via:

rm -rf ~/.pnpm-store

If you used pnpm in non-primary disks, then the store is in the root of that disk. For instance, if you used pnpm on disk D: on Windows, remove the store from D:\.pnpm-store.

Removing the state file#

pnpm also saves some state in ~/.pnpm-state.json. You may remove this file.