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pnpm outdated

Checks for outdated packages. The check can be limited to a subset of the installed packages by providing arguments (patterns are supported).


pnpm outdated
pnpm outdated "*gulp-*" @babel/core


--recursive, -r

Check for outdated dependencies in every package found in subdirectories, or in every workspace package when executed inside a workspace.

--filter <package_selector>

Read more about filtering.

--global, -g

List outdated global packages.


Print details.

--format <format>

  • Default: table
  • Type: table, list, json

Prints the outdated dependencies in the given format.


Prints only versions that satisfy specifications in package.json.

--dev, -D

Checks only devDependencies.

--prod, -P

Checks only dependencies and optionalDependencies.


Doesn't check optionalDependencies.