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Версія: 9.x

pnpm dlx

Aliases: pnpx is an alias for pnpm dlx

Fetches a package from the registry without installing it as a dependency, hotloads it, and runs whatever default command binary it exposes.

For example, to use create-react-app anywhere to bootstrap a react app without needing to install it under another project, you can run:

pnpm dlx create-react-app ./my-app

This will fetch create-react-app from the registry and run it with the given arguments.

You may also specify which exact version of the package you'd like to use:

pnpm dlx create-react-app@next ./my-app


--package <name>

The package to install before running the command.


pnpm --package=@pnpm/meta-updater dlx meta-updater --help
pnpm --package=@pnpm/meta-updater@0 dlx meta-updater --help

Multiple packages can be provided for installation:

pnpm --package=yo --package=generator-webapp dlx yo webapp --skip-install

--shell-mode, -c

Runs the command inside of a shell. Uses /bin/sh on UNIX and \cmd.exe on Windows.


pnpm --package cowsay --package lolcatjs -c dlx 'echo "hi pnpm" | cowsay | lolcatjs'

--silent, -s

Only the output of the executed command is printed.