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Version: 9.x

Error Codes


Un directorio de módulos está presente y está vinculado a un directorio de almacenamiento diferente.

If you changed the store directory intentionally, run pnpm install and pnpm will reinstall the dependencies using the new store.


Un proyecto tiene una dependencia de espacio de trabajo que no existe en el espacio de trabajo.

For instance, package foo has bar@1.0.0 in the dependencies:

"name": "foo",
"version": "1.0.0",
"dependencies": {
"bar": "workspace:1.0.0"

However, there is only bar@2.0.0 in the workspace, so pnpm install will fail.

To fix this error, all dependencies that use the workspace protocol should be updated to use versions of packages that are present in the workspace. This can be done either manually or using the pnpm -r update command.


pnpm install will fail if the project has unresolved peer dependencies or the peer dependencies are not matching the wanted ranges. To fix this, install the missing peer dependencies.

You may also selectively ignore these errors using the pnpm.peerDependencyRules.ignoreMissing and pnpm.peerDependencyRules.allowedVersions fields in package.json.


This error happens when installation cannot be performed without changes to the lockfile. This might happen in a CI environment if someone has changed a package.json file in the repository without running pnpm install afterwards. Or someone forgot to commit the changes to the lockfile.

To fix this error, just run pnpm install and commit the changes to the lockfile.


This error indicates that the downloaded package's tarball did not match the expected integrity checksum.

If you use the npm registry (, then this probably means that the integrity in your lockfile is incorrect. This might happen if a lockfile had badly resolved merge conflicts.

If you use a registry that allows to override existing versions of a package, then it might mean that in your local metadata cache you have the integrity checksum of an older version of the package. In this case, you should run pnpm store prune. This command will remove your local metadata cache. Then you can retry the command that failed.

But also be careful and verify that the package is downloaded from the right URL. The URL should be printed in the error message.


The config field use-node-version defines a release channel different from version suffix.

Por ejemplo:

  • rc/20.0.0 defines an rc channel but the version is that of a stable release.
  • release/20.0.0-rc.0 defines a release channel but the version is that of an RC release.

To fix this error, either remove the release channel prefix or correct the version suffix.


The value of config field use-node-version has an invalid syntax.

Below are the valid forms of use-node-version:

  • Stable release:
    • X.Y.Z (X, Y, Z are integers)
    • release/X.Y.Z (X, Y, Z are integers)
  • RC release:
    • X.Y.Z-rc.W (X, Y, Z, W are integers)
    • rc/X.Y.Z-rc.W (X, Y, Z, W are integers)