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Версія: 9.x

pnpm server


Deprecated feature

Manage a store server.


pnpm server start

Starts a server that performs all interactions with the store. Other commands will delegate any store-related tasks to this server.

pnpm server stop

Stops the store server.

pnpm server status

Prints information about the running server.



  • Default: false
  • Type: Boolean

Runs the server in the background, similar to daemonizing on UNIX systems.


  • Default: null
  • Type: Number

The maximum number of network requests to process simultaneously.


  • Default: auto
  • Type: auto, tcp, ipc

The communication protocol used by the server. When this is set to auto, IPC is used on all systems except for Windows, which uses TCP.


  • Default: 5813
  • Type: port number

The port number to use when TCP is used for communication. If a port is specified and the protocol is set to auto, regardless of system type, the protocol is automatically set to use TCP.


  • Default: <home>/.pnpm-store
  • Type: Path

The directory to use for the content addressable store.


  • Default: false
  • Type: Boolean

Set whether to make the package store immutable to external processes while the server is running or not.


  • Default: false
  • Type: Boolean

Prevents you from stopping the server using pnpm server stop.


  • Default: false
  • Type: Boolean

Prevents creating a new side effect cache during install.