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Versão: 6.x

pnpx CLI


This command is deprecated! Use pnpm exec and pnpm dlx instead.

For new users

pnpx (PNPm eXecute) is a command line tool that fetches a package from the registry without installing it as a dependency, hotloads it, and runs whatever default command binary it exposes.

For example, to use create-react-app anywhere to bootstrap a react app without needing to install it under another project, you can run:

pnpx create-react-app my-project

This will fetch create-react-app from the registry and run it with the given arguments. For more information, you may want to look at npx from npm, as it offers the same interface, except it uses npm instead of pnpm under the hood.

If you just want to run a binary of a project's dependency, see pnpm exec.

For npm users

npm has a great package runner called npx. pnpm offers the same tool via the pnpx command. The only difference is that pnpx uses pnpm for installing packages.