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Version: 4.x


  1. npm-shrinkwrap.json and package-lock.json are ignored. Unlike pnpm, npm can install the same [email protected] multiple times and with different sets of dependencies. npm's shrinkwrap file is designed to reflect the node_modules layout created by npm. pnpm cannot create a similar layout, so it cannot respect npm's lockfile format. However, see pnpm import.
  2. You can't publish npm modules with bundleDependencies managed by pnpm.
  3. Binstubs (files in node_modules/.bin) are always shell files not symlinks to JS files. The shell files are created to help pluggable CLI apps in finding their plugins in the unusual node_modules structure. This is very rarely an issue and if you expect the file to be a js file, just reference the original file instead, as described in #736.
  4. Node.js doesn't work with the --preserve-symlinks flag when executed in a project that uses pnpm.

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