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Version: 4.x


The manifest file of a package.



You can specify the version of Node and pnpm that your stuff works on:

{    "engines": {        "node": ">=10",        "pnpm": ">=3"    }}

During local development, pnpm will always fail with an error message when its version will not match the one in engines.pnpm.

Unless the user has set the engine-strict config flag, this field is advisory only and will only produce warnings when your package is installed as a dependency.


This field lists some extra information related to the dependencies listed in the peerDependencies field.


If true, the selected peer dependency will be marked as optional by the package manager and the consumer omitting it won't be reported as an error.

{    "peerDependencies": {        "react-dom": "1"    },    "peerDependenciesMeta": {        "react-dom": {            "optional": true        },        // express is not specified in the peerDependencies field,        // so pnpm will assume that any version of express is fine        "express": {            "optional": true        }    }}


Added in: v3.4.0

It is possible to override some fields in the manifest, before the package is packed. The following fields may be overridden: bin, main, exports, types or typings, module, browser, esnext, es2015, unpkg and umd:main.

To override a field, add the publish version of the field to publishConfig.

For instance, the following package.json:

{    "name": "foo",    "version": "1.0.0",    "main": "src/index.ts",    "publishConfig": {        "main": "lib/index.js",        "typings": "lib/index.d.ts"    }}

Will be published as:

{    "name": "foo",    "version": "1.0.0",    "main": "lib/index.js",    "typings": "lib/index.d.ts"}