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Version: 4.x

pnpm store

Managing the package store.


pnpm store status#

pnpm store status

Checks for modified packages in the store.

Returns exit code 0 if the content of the package is the same as it was at the time of unpacking.

pnpm store add#

Added in: v2.12.0

pnpm store add <pkg>...

Adds new packages to the pnpm store directly. Does not modify any projects or files outside the store.

Usage examples:

pnpm store usages#

Added in: v2.21.0

pnpm store usages <pkg>...

Lists all pnpm projects on the current filesystem that depend on the specified packages in the store.

Usage examples:

pnpm store usages flatmap-streampnpm store usages [email protected] [email protected]pnpm store usages @babel/core ansi-regex

Note that this command might be slow for very large stores. We are working on improving performance.

pnpm store prune#

pnpm store prune

Removes unreferenced (extraneous, orphan) packages from the store.

Pruning the store is not harmful, but might slow down future installations.

Please read the FAQ for more information on unreferenced packages and pnpm store prune best practices.

This command is prohibited when a store server is running.