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Version: 4.x

pnpm run

Aliases: run-script

Runs a defined package script.


pnpm run [[-r] [--no-bail] [--no-sort] [--workspace-concurrency=<number>]]     <command> [-- <args>...]
pnpm multi run <command> [-- <args>...]
pnpm recursive run <command> [-- <args>...]

In addition to the shell’s pre-existing PATH, pnpm run adds node_modules/.bin to the PATH provided to scripts. As of v3.5, when executed inside a workspace, <workspace root>/node_modules/.bin is also added to the PATH, so if a tool is installed in the workspace root, it may be called in any workspace package's scripts.


--recursive, -r#

This runs an arbitrary command from each package's "scripts" object. If a package doesn't have the command, it is skipped. If none of the packages have the command, the command fails.


Added in: v4.5.0

You can use the --if-present flag to avoid exiting with a non-zero exit code when the script is undefined. This lets you run potentially undefined scripts without breaking the execution chain.

--filter <package_selector>#

Read more about filtering.