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Version: 4.x

About the package store

A store is a folder that contains packages and information about projects that are using them. The store does not include the node_modules folder of any of the packages, unless the package has bundled dependencies.

The store is immutable. Execution of modules from the store cannot remove/add files in the store, because modules are executed in the context of the projects they are linked into.

Store directory structure#

Path structure: <package source>/<package id>. The path to a package in the store is the package's ID.

Packages from npm-compatible registries#

<registry URL>/<package name>/<package version>


Packages from Git#

<Git URL domain>/<Git path>/<commit hash>



A file in the root of store that contains information about projects depending on specific packages from the store.

{  "/home/john_smith/src/ied": [    ""  ],  "/home/john_smith/src/ied": [    "",    "",    ""  ]}